Sworn services (from traditional Chinese and/or simplified Chinese into French, and vice-versa)


  • Translation for the courts in Belgium

  • Translation of all official documents, legal documents, different types of contracts from Chinese into French, namely: Civil status certificate, Identity card or passport, Criminal record certificate, Birth and death certificate, Marriage certificate and family booklet, Divorce certificate and ruling, Prenuptial contracts, Adoption documents, Official diplomas, School reports and notes, Driving licence, …

  • Our services are available to a wide range of sectors :  Legal, Commercial,Industry, Welfare and health organisations, Professionals, Governmental organisations and institutions, Companies, Private individuals

  • All translations are checked by the experts in the related fields.


Other services (from simplified or traditional Chinese into French and/or into English, and vice-versa)


  • Non-exhaustive list of documents translated : Commercial and trade brochures, Technical documents, Exhibitions of various kinds, Projects and plans, Presentations for seminars and conferences, Feasibility reports and other reports, Regulations and standards in China, Web sites, Translation of western names into Chinese.

  • All translations are checked by professionals.